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The Controversial Topic of Colon Hydrotherapy

Hey Healthy Friends!

As you can see, today I've written a post on a very glamorous topic: colon hydrotherapy! ;)

My experience both as a person who has been doing regular colonics for nearly four years and as a colon hydrotherapist for 3 years, along with all of the misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy and internal hygiene is what inspired me to write this post today. I hope it helps you if you're on the fence about getting colonics, doing enemas yourself, or if you're just totally confused about this topic!

Colon hydrotherapy is an irrigation of the large intestine. Water is introduced into the intestine through a water feed - in tube and speculum.  Through this cleansing and abdominal massage, accumulated waste matter is released. This accumulated matter is waste that the body otherwise would not release on it’s own without this added hydration.

Colon hydrotherapy is something that I believe in whole heartedly and recommend to my clients almost all of the time. I honestly believe that it is the single best thing you can do for your health, especially when coupled with a plant-based diet.

I would like to preface this post by saying that I no longer am a practicing colon hydrotherapist - I receive no sort of benefit from the information I am presenting here. I am not trying to promote my colon hydrotherapy practice (because it doesn't exist anymore!). I wanted to write this post because of the countless emails I have received over the years from people stressing about their colon health, what the differences are between colonic methods, and what to expect from a treatment. I hope that this helps you make the best decision for your health and your body. 

Below I have listed four different methods of colon hydrotherapy.

1. Wood’s Gravity Method Colon Hydrotherapy: This is the best type of colon hydrotherapy and is also the method I practiced for the three years I was at The Sunshine Center.

This type of colonic is superior to others because:

A.Water flows into the body only by means of gravity (there is no machine).
B. There is a simultaneous in and out flow of water, which makes the colonic as comfortable as possible (you’re not just filling up with water and releasing over and over again like you do with at home enemas or the pressurized units)
C. A trained therapist is with you to administer the colonic, applying abdominal massage when needed, and pulsing the exit or waste tube to mimic peristalsis and strengthen the intestine

This colonic method only strengthens the intestine, it will not make it lazy or otherwise hinder your natural colon function. This is a big misconception about colon cleansing that is entirely erroneous!

When you are searching for a gravity method colonic, ask the therapist if they use the Wood’s Gravity Method, if it is a closed system*, and ask if they use non disposable rubber tubing. This is how you know you’ve hit the Wood’s Gravity Jack Pot!

Depending on your diet and the skill of the therapist, the entire large intestine should and can be cleansed during a wood’s gravity colonic. My personal favorite place for a wood’s gravity colonic is LYT (Love Your Transformation) in New York City. The skill, warmth, and knowledge of the therapists there is out of this world! They are all incredibly knowledgable and helpful with diet information, and sell delicious Norwalk Juices from Organic Avenue. If you ever take a trip to the city, I highly recommend visiting, and calling them a week or so in advance to book a session with one of their amazing therapists. You won’t be disappointed!

A diagram of a healthy large intestine

There are other places in NYC to get gravity colonics from highly trained therapists such as Release (, and Gravity East Village (

2. The LIBBE unit: This is another gravity based system. This is an open system (which means that waste is exposed and does not exit only through a tube), and from what I have been told, it is rare that a therapist is there with you to administer the treatment. This may differ from therapist to therapist. I usually will tell clients that this method is perfectly safe but that it is not nearly as effective as a well administered Wood’s Gravity colonic for a couple of reasons:
A. This really only clears out the lower part of the colon (not the entire large intestine)
B. There is rarely a therapist there assisting you

Having a therapist to assist you is really paramount when you get into colon hydrotherapy because it may take a while for you be in tune enough with your body to know when you are empty, where you are holding waste, where there is a lot of gas pressure, and where on the abdomen you should massage.

3. The pressurized method: This is the most common type of colonic you will find. A machine mounted on the wall uses pressure to get water into the colon. The entire colonic procedure is filling up with water until you feel full, and releasing (your therapist will refer to this as a “hold”). This can be very uncomfortable, especially if you have a lot of gas (which you do, especially if you’re new to colon therapy). Holds are done with gravity colonics as well, but sometimes, if someone is really juicing and doing a lot of raw food, holds won’t even be necessary because that procedure is that effective.

When I first started searching for a more local colon therapist years ago, common arguments I got from wellness center owners were that the pressurized machine unit is the only colonic system that is approved by the FDA, and that the gravity unit is “outdated” - I suppose, because it’s not a machine? I’m not really sure, but neither of these arguments were convincing to me.

I don’t trust that this pressure applied again and again inside the colon doesn’t put pressure on the ovaries and other organs in the body and cause some distress. My personal decision is that I only will use the force of gravity should be used when it comes to my colon hydrotherapy.

However, it is important that you make your decision based on what feels best to you. I know several people who get colonics from these units and say that they feel great afterwards, and that it has improved their healthy lifestyle.

4. At home pure water enemas: I always recommend old fashioned, pure water enemas  I recommend to my clients. I do not recommend the enemas with chemicals that you put into the water. You only want to use pure water. Learning how to do an at home enema can be intimidating and scary, but taking colon hydrotherapy into your own hands is very empowering!

I want to be very clear and honest: an at home enema does not compare to gravity colonics. I do feel that once you become skilled at self-administering enemas, they will prove to be more effective for you in the long term than having LIBBE colonics (just based on the feedback I’ve gotten from people about them), and the machine method. If there is no therapist administering the treatment, I even more enthusiastically endorse getting into at home enema use.

If you are nervous about using enemas at home or the whole world of colon cleansing feels very intimidating to you, I recommend finding a nutritionist or health counselor that you feel you can trust to guide you through this process.

The most important things when deciding on what type of colon hydrotherapy is right for you are:

*Finding a therapist that you trust. Although I said I don't personally trust the machine colonic method, I do know some people who use this method and feel that it benefits them, especially if they trust their therapist and are following a healthy diet. The relationship with the therapist is a big deal, so be selective.

*Figuring out a system that works for you. This may mean weekly colonics with someone local, or monthly colonics in New York City. Either way, find a therapist that you trust, first, then be sure to make your colon health a priority.

*Banish your fear of enemas. They really are not scary once you get used to them, they will help you feel great between colonic treatments, and they will make your colonic treatments even more effective!

You can always judge how great your colon hydrotherapy session was by how you feel afterwards. You will feel a sense of lightness, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. It is not uncommon for someone to be in a very bad mood and then feel very happy and at peace after a treatment. Once all of that waste matter leaves the colon and the gas pressure is no longer pressing on the organs, the body and mind feel calm and at peace.

The proof of it’s effectiveness lies in the experience. I strongly encourage you to try colon hydrotherapy! Along with juicing and lots of raw veggies, it’s the lifestyle practice that has had the most profound effect on my mental, physical, and emotional health.

I'll be talking more about the subject of colon hydrotherapy today during my free teleclass (it's not too late to sign up here, and you will be mailed a playback link), and even more in depth with the Raw Done Right program that is starting next Monday! You can register for that by clicking here.

What is your experience with colon hydrotherapy? Are there questions or doubts that you have that weren't addressed in this post? Leave your comments below! 

If you found this post helpful, please share it on facebook or twitter (use the share-a-holic buttons below!). Get the clean and happy colon message out there!!!

Lots of Love,


* A closed system means that all waste is contained in a waste tube that goes directly to plumbing. There is no smell or mess with the Wood’s Gravity system, but that is not the case for all types of colonics, so be sure to ask.

**If you are looking for a gravity based colon hydrotherapist please visit Natalia Rose's colon therapy directory by clicking here. I am no longer a practicing colon hydrotherapist.

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